July 2, 2011

International Bug Fix for Shine

Shine user experiencing frequent crashes should try the following:

Navigate to Settings -> General -> International -> Region Format. Change your region format temporarily, then switch back. Shine should no longer crash.

This seems to be a funky bug that only affects a small number of users, mostly in the UK. We can't reproduce the issue on our end, but will try to isolate the issue and submit a fix soon.

May 27, 2011

Shine 1.2 Submitted to the App Store

This update fixes a number of bugs:

  1. Forecast icons occasionally contradicted precipitation numbers.
  2. Days periodically showed up out of order.
  3. Shine crashed on startup for a small subset of users.

All fixed.

May 23, 2011

The Silliest Little Bug

Anyone noticed that Shine is a bit of an optimist? No? Good. Stop reading.

But for those of you who might've wondered why Shine is predicting endless sun on gloomy, cloud-filled days, it's because we here at AppThat really goofed... we just discovered the silliest little bug! Our weather conditions algorithm is currently using wind speed values for cloud cover. Sigh.

We've fixed the issue in 1.1; until then, enjoy the (virtual) sun! :)

May 18, 2011

Shine 1.1 Will Be Even Better

Instead of sitting on features and waiting around for Apple to approve Shine 1.1, we decided to resubmit our binary and give our fine users an even slicker update. In addition to those items listed in the previous post, here's what's new:

Shine 1.0 assigned names to locations based on metropolitan area. Hence places like Canton, MA were labeled as Boston, MA even though weather data would come from a Canton weather station. Shine 1.1 improves location nomenclature dramatically.

Automatically return to the weather view after a location change
Metric wind speed is now displayed as km/h
Settings icon has been standardized
Improved error alerts
New app icon

*** A note about international support: Currently, Shine gathers extended weather data from the National Weather Service (US only). However, we plan to introduce full international support within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

May 15, 2011

Shine 1.1 Submitted to the App Store

We've submitted Shine 1.1 to the App Store! This is an update intended to address small bugs and user nits. Stay tuned for feature additions; they're near on the horizon. Here's what's new:

Arrows on location bar now act as buttons
Switch between locations without delay

Dorky "TOMORW" handle has been replaced with the actual day name
Tapping the status bar now scrolls to top

"Current Location" is now disabled when location services are off

Error message will not display after a good request


Every-hour forecasts
Severe weather warnings
Full international support